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Happy Tails To You Labrador Retrievers.

Hello My name is Cheddar would You like a tour follow me. I just got the hang of shifting
All of us play together and the kids come Home and we play ball, fetch and then we get our selves a good nap before its time to have dinner and play again.
 Coconut "Butter" is   three   months old and happy 
Any questions ? send an email we would love to hear from you! Ok lets keep the tour moving!
727-409-7239 or email us
Bye Bye  come again keep us in your favorites
Best Pillow ever Autumn and Tanner zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sweet dreams
                  Hollie Puppy sitting Sugar !!!!
                     Hollie Loves Sugar!!!!

I finally got the hang of shifting
Butter at 7 weeks         yawn* 
Sugar Bear 
Labradors are the most popular dog for many reasons. They are very loving and are eager to please and learn. They are loyal, and watchful to their owners.

All my labradors, are chemical free, green, white labs if you may! I do not use chemicals on my dogs. They have a good diet and supplements to keep away parasites and their immune system in tune. They do receive vaccines and Rabie innoculations.
Too many dogs die around 7,8 years old from cancer. No wonder with all the chemicals and pesticides. I do not spray my yard or use chemical pesticides or herbicides.
Tanner is 17 rest in Peace  

Tanner left us for dog heaven  year 2012 He was a big part of the childrens lives while they were growing up. Rest in Peace Tan Dog Love you!
Okay, so here I am leaving my safe zone with this disquise, and  hopefully I will not be recognized
So Far So Good , No one I know is around
OH NO!!! Here comes My best friend,
Maybe he will think I am a chicken an move on,  Oh no! he's still there isnt he? I'll ignore him
Too Late he made me! Hey cut a bud a break here I was planning a raid on the coop and was incognito, knock it off its not that funny.
Cotton is preparing for Holloween, smart dog! He knows about the treats! Check out Cottons new costume below!

Sorry we do not allow visitors prior to Pups first shots at 7 weeks for health and safety of Mother and puppies. 
Sorry we do not allow visitors prior to Pups first shots at 8 weeks for health and safety of Mother and puppies
cotton on cinco de mayo age 4
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It's English Lab English Not Irish
I found my spot
taking deposits for early Feb and March  2019  727-409-7239 fill out questionnaire text 727-409-7239 when finished
Silver, red, white, yellow available
Reservations for puppies are being taken for February  litter. We will reserve your puppy and send you updated pictures. $200.00 will hold your place. We feel if you have been accepted by filling out the questionnaire and have placed a deposit you are responsible and able to care for a new pup. All Labs are sold for working dogs. Cut and paste questionnaire into email on web here and then fill it out and email to me,